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PIP (Project in Progress)

This weeks project in progress is my Woodland Blanket.


The Woodland Blanket was started as a CAL on the Attic 24 blog and the colours and style of it just captured my attention. Originally I was late in joining in but worked along to my own pace anyway. Then life happened as it so often has a way of happening and work on the blanket stopped.

I’ve completed the first section and the second section begins with the tomato colour. Originally I purchased the kit for this blanket from Wool Warehouse so I didn’t need to worry about having the exact colours in my stash of Sytlecraft DK which is the yarn that comes in the kit and happens to be they yarn I like for most of my crochet blankets. I like its softness and yet I love that I can throw the blankets in the machine when I need to and the blankets don’t get destroyed. I am working the colour rows to the suggestions on the Attic 24 blog. I’m making the blanket to the 4ftx6ft size and I’m using my 4mm Addi crochet hook which are my favourite hooks to use.

I’m ready to begin work again on this blanket and have it ready for snuggling in and under this winter.