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YOP – year 9 – week 1

Today marks the first week and post of a new Year of Projects year.

Can you believe this is our 9th year? It doesn’t feel like I’ve been doing this for 9 years! I’m always in two minds whether everyone’s wrap up posts looking back on everything, like last weeks post are my favourite or whether it is in fact visiting everyone’s first post of a new year and seeing the lists all laid out. Either way I think I just enjoy the whole entire process.

So this week is all about setting out my list, and plans for the coming year. What I’m hoping to accomplish over the coming months for my projects and makes. As usual I’m going to take what worked last year and in previous years for me and bring that forward, discard what doesn’t work for me and hopefully along the way refine that whole process. I will also be talking about what I’ve done this past first week on projects.

I have two main aims to this years list. One is somewhat similar to last years in that it’s main focus is to help me obtain a me made wardrobe. The second aim of this years list is to use what I have already and purchase as little as possible. I’m not putting myself on a yarn or fabric diet but I want to be more conscious and aware of my footprint in these areas and why purchase when I have something already that is suitable. Only this week I’ve had to go through my wardrobe and take out all the clothes that are now once more too big for me, which is wonderful considering the weight loss journey I’m on, but I am conscious about the footprint this is causing with having to purchase and indeed make new items of clothing.

So my plan for this and for the coming year is to purchase a few key things, which I’m aiming to do by September and then I aim to put a no purchase on new clothes for at least six months. I’ve managed to work perfectly fine with a very limited wardrobe to this point, considering what little in it fits. Any pieces I’ve cleared out that I can re-purpose I will be doing so, other wise I will be donating them to second hand shops.

Also all the patterns I’ve listed I have already so for the next YOP year I’m not going to be purchasing any new patterns and instead I will be using what I have. I hope to use as much yarn from stash as I can and will only purchase yarn for garments if I don’t have the amount needed or can’t make the amount needed from stash. As for fabric, I only need to purchase some fabric for both tops on my list, I have fabric already for the other items. At the moment I am tracking how much yarn comes into and out of my stash for the calendar year so let’s take that one step further with patterns and fabric and aim to use what I have already.

I will still be working monogamously on individual projects as I just find this was the biggest success of the last year and I have no wish to change or alter that, if it’s not broke don’t fix it.

There will be three main areas of the list this year, which I will detail with my chosen patterns and in greater detail below and one section that has no real aim only for me to dip into when the desire strikes.

Knitted Garments

This section is my comfort zone. The more knitted garments I make the more elements and modifications I like to make and incorporate and I’m comfortable making them. So while I have a list of patterns I’d like to make and you will see the return of some of my favourite designers as well as a pattern I’ve knitted before. I will be making modifications to quite a good few of them as I go along, by the end of the year I may just abandon these stated patterns and knit from my head. This could be exciting but I’m a little hesitant to put it down right now as it will depend on what else is going on as I also want to explore some more vintage patterns and this is going to be a sub section of the knitted garments section with no real goal only to explore it some more. The proposed garments for now, in no particular order, are;


Sewn Garments

Now this section is not in my comfort zone. It’s been a steep learning curve this last year in not only learning new to me sewing techniques but also my taste in patterns and in what suits me has changed. I have made it a much more modest and manageable list this year. This will help it to seem less overwhelming and a couple of the items I hope to make several versions of. Again you will see some familiar designers and patterns. The list of sewn garments in no particular order are;



This year will again feature a sock section. Socks are easy to knit and make a good change of pace project. I hope to continue to knit my way through the Wendy D. Johnson Toe Up socks for Everybody, or at least the socks from it that I’m interested in. I’m not going to complete any of the colourwork socks in this book and two patterns I will adapt for my own sock recipe numbers. In no particular order the remaining projects from this book are;



This is the section of my list that I will dip in and out of as the desire strikes. This section as the title suggests is for blankets, crochet blankets to be more specific. I’m for now only listing the one current blanket I’m working on but should it by some miracle get finished this year I have other blanket projects that can replace it.

  • Woodland Blanket

So with the plans for the coming year out of the way, let’s take a quick look and what I’ve been doing this week. Well for one thing finishing off those button bands on the Mae Cardigan, which is all complete now and off the needles. Course it does need blocking and it’s buttons sewn on but you know I’ll get to that eventually and have a finished project post for it and shhh the Magnolia sweater.

Mae Cardigan

So with Mae off the needles I was debating about what I wanted to start next, what project did I want to being with and I seemed to be faffing about over the decision so rather than waste time I decided to start with a pair of socks while I thought about the garments I wanted to cast on. These I’m hoping to be a change of pace from garments as for the last few months I’ve just been working steadily on different garments. After a quick little root around in stash I opted for this Eden Cottage Tempo 4ply yarn in the Geum colourway and I’m beginning with the Victory sock pattern from my list. Here is what I have to show so far.

Victory socks

So there you have it, a relatively detailed look at what I’m hoping to achieve and accomplish this year and a quick little update just to cover what I have been working on this past week.

The list in it’s weekly format for this coming Year of Projects year looks like this;

Year of Projects 2019-2020 List

Knitted Garments

– Patterns

– Vintage Patterns

Sewn Garments



  • Woodland Blanket


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Vintage Knitting Adventures

The Beginning.

Recently I’ve been obsessed with vintage sewing and looking at sewing vlogs that aim at vintage sewers. It’s just so fascinating and I love a great many of the looks. Looks that may not necessarily fit with my everyday look and style but I’m learning so much about drafting and fitting and we all know how much I love fitted items regardless of era.        As I’m only a beginner sewer and I feel many of these pieces are beyond my abilities as a sewer at the moment, plus I’m still unsure what pieces are actually my favourite, it did turn my attention to vintage knitting.

Knitting is a medium I’m much more comfortable in and if anywhere is a good place to start it’s at least with a medium that is familiar. So a little happy research over several cups of coffee and a rabbit hole appeared of patterns, styles and looks. A shiny new Pinterest board and a lot of favourited links and I now find myself at the start of something new and intriguing.

Vintage Knitting

I found myself taken with this Bear Cub Twins Cardigan Pattern and I began to wonder how easy or difficult it might be to follow a vintage knitting pattern. This pattern is from the late 1930s and I fell in love with the cropped cabled look. So I looked it over and thought about it and then thought about it some more and looked it over again and this went on for several days and figured the only way to find out if I could do it was to…yes..actually just do it. I thought it might be nice to document the journey here so there is a record and notes of it, perhaps this might be something you’d be interested in reading also???

So first things first it’s going to be a matter of gathering supplies. I have the pattern and I definitely have the needles and yarn. I am debating whether I should forego the use of my circular needles and use my straight needles. I think the use of straight needles will be a little more in keeping with when the piece would have been originally knitted but I’ll let you know what I decide in the next update, but do let me know your thoughts. Secondly apart from just the directions and following those there is the issue of sizing. The pattern is for one size, which is not my size, not even the size I hope to be at the end of my weight loss journey. So before I start actually knitting this is going to require my notebook, a swatch, and whatever knitting experience I may have accumulated.

I’m kind of hoping that knitting experience is going to help with the whole process and for the first time in at least the last 12 months all of my creative self is intrigued and excited.