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Project Focus – Crocus Socks

Today’s project focus post takes a look at the recently completed Crocus socks that I knit.


These socks are a part of the Toe Up Socks for Everybody book by Wendy D. Johnson. As part of my box of socks challenge that I’ve set myself for the year I decided to knit 12 pairs of socks from this book. This is a book I’ve had for some time on my book shelves and I’d like to focus more this year also on working with all the wonderful patterns and books of patterns that I already own. The patterns are lovely, they have interest but yet are not overly complicated. There is a mixture of lace, cabled and colourwork patterns in the book. I’m concentrating on the lace and cabled patterns as those are what interest me the most.

Crocus Sock 1


The lace patterning on the Crocus sock was a simple lace pattern but throughout the entire sock it held my attention. The pattern was worked over 33 stitches and 16 rows and the socks seemed relatively quick to knit because of the desire to knit one more pattern repeat. I enjoyed working the pattern up the front of the sock and the interesting side patterns added to an overall pleasing look.

As is my usual and preferred sock format I cast on using the same cast on method used by Nathan aka Sockmatician, you can find his tutorial for that here. I work all my socks magic loop on 2.25mm ChiaoGoo needles. As the pattern is worked over 33 stitches I increased the toe until I had 33 stitches on the front of foot to work the pattern but I kept the sole stitches at 32 stitches as it was to be worked in stockinette until after the heel flap. I worked my own heel flap and gusset increases that I use for all my toe up socks. The heel flap and gusset is also my most preferred heel to use as I find the fit of it just perfect for my foot. Once the heel flap was worked I increased the back of the leg to 33 stitches so that I had enough stitches to work the pattern same as the front and giving me a total of 66 stitches. When the leg of the pattern was worked I decreased back down to 64 stitches, 32 stitches per needle and then worked a 1 x 1 twisted rib and cast off using an elastic bind off. The bind off I use can be seen here in this tutorial. This is again my favourite for my socks as I find it doesn’t flair out, a look I’m not overly fond of.

I used a single colour for these socks, as I’ve found I’ve just fallen out of love with contrasting parts, and there is something pleasing for me in just the one colour. The colour is Apricot Tulip and it is from Eden Cottage Yarns on their Tempo 4ply base. This is a 75% wool, 25% nylon base and is one I enjoy working with. I find socks knit in this yarn wear really well, it gives patterns a good stitch definition and comes in a range of colours I just love.

Crocus Sock

This is the third pattern from the book that I’ve knit this year and this pair now joins the first two, the Rosebud and Laurel socks, in my box of socks.

Crocus Sock 5