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YOP – year 8 – week 41

As you will know from last week I had the Gingerbread jumper by Truly Myrtle on the needles, or at least my version of it. My version seems a very loose term for it but the numbers were used from the pattern so I’m calling this done as I’m not likely to go back and knit this again, at least not in this YOP or calendar year.

I finished the sleeve you saw started last week along with the other and wove in all the ends early on Friday. All that remains is for it to be blocked. I’ll have a modelled shot here and possibly on the podcast once that’s done. For this I went down a size, 1 in the hope I’d continue to get to my target weight and that it would fit fine come the autumn and 2 I wanted to see perhaps what a garment with negative ease looked and felt like. This garment currently has 2″ of negative ease which might be a little more than I would have opted for but I decided to stick to the sizes within the pattern. The time no doubt will come when I will just make up the numbers and pattern myself. The garment does fit now and it not uncomfortable at all, in fact I rather like the negative ease feel in this jumper and that might be something else I’d consider in the future for garments. It certainly gives me the fitted look I like, which can be tricky to obtain in knitwear where there is a lot more give and forgiveness within the fabric. So not only was this a quick knit 10 days in a dk weight but I like the end result already and it’s warm and soft feeling too, I’d call that a win.


So with the jumper off the needles on Friday night I decided I’d cast on a pair of socks. Although I know what garment I want to cast on next and with what yarn I decided I’d opt for a pair of socks first, plus I can swatch for the garment while I’m knitting these socks and be ready to begin it once the socks are complete. These will be the third pair this calendar year and are going towards my box of socks. Again, I’m working out of the Toe -Up Socks for Everybody by Wendy D. Johnson and I’m knitting the Crocus Socks pattern. I’m really enjoying this pattern already, there is something so soothing about it. I’m using Eden Cottage Yarns Tempo 4ply yarn in the Apricot Tulip colour and it’s doing a great job of showing off the pattern. I’m nearing the point of working the gusset increases on the first sock.

Crocus Sock

And that is pretty all the making that I’ve done this week. I need to get back to some sewing but again, it’s what project to start that seems to be the stumbling block.

I did spend some time this week looking through patterns and thinking about what I might like to add to next years list…I know 11 weeks remain, but you know those weeks slip in fast and I’m pleased with how this year went up to now and that is in part to how I prepared my list and really thought about the projects I put on the list and why they were there. I’m aiming to prepare in a similar way for the next YOP year so that means some preparation work.

So the list is updated and looking like this;

Year of Projects 2018-2019 List

Knitted Garments

  • Fintry – started July 7th – finished August 9th
  • Lichen – started August 11th – finished October 10th
  • Bentley – started October 13th – finished December 9th
  • Gingerbread – started March 26th – finished April 5th
  • Coloring – started January 1st – finished January 20th
  • Aster – started January 27th – finished February 26th
  • Cumulus Blouse – started October 20th – finished December 20th
  • Magnolia
  • Mae Cardigan

Sewn Garments


6 pairs

  • My Dearest Loveliest Elizabeth – started July 16th – FROGGED
  • Sock #1– started August 10th – finished August 26th 
  • Sock #2 – started August 30th – finished September 30th 
  • Sock #3 – started October 11th – FROGGED
  • Sock #4 – started November 4th – finished December 6th 
  • Sock #5 – started November 17th – FROGGED
  • Sock #6 – started December 10th – finished December 30th
  • Sock #7 – started January 4th – finished January 27th
  • Evelyns Socks – started March 1st – finished March 5th
  • Sock #8 – started March 7th – finished March 18th
  • Elizabeths Socks – started March 18th – finished March 24th
  • Sock #9 – started April 5th – 

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