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YOP – year 9 – week 3

I’ve made a small amount of progress this week on the Victory socks. It took a few more days than expected to finish off that ribbing on the first sock from last week, Tuesday night to be exact. This meant that it was on Wednesday evening after work that I finally got to cast on the second sock. I am now working the heel flap on the second sock and with it being a wet and windy Sunday and no major plans only to relax and take things easy I’m hoping to make some progress on the second sock.

Victory socks

I have also decided on the next garment I wish to make so will be caking up some yarn for that at some point this week so that I can begin once the socks comes off the needles. I’ve opted to begin the Etna jumper for a couple of reasons. It is knit in lace weight yarn and I may get some wear out of this garment before Winter. I just don’t have the brain space at the moment with everything else going on with new routines and adjustments to work on the math of my own pattern or re-working the math on a vintage pattern, so picking a pattern to just work from seems like the best option at the moment.

The next thing to think about this week is when I might get some sewing worked into the schedule. I’m almost 3/4 of the way to my target weight goal and I’m keen now to make some items that will continue to fit me. I will by mid August have any items I need in my bought wardrobe so will be able to begin my no purchase of new clothes for a minimum of six months, I’m excited to begin this endeavour now that I am so close to my target weight, which I’m hoping to be at by Christmas so the no-purchase aim should be relatively easy to maintain.

The list for this week remains the same like this;

Year of Projects 2019-2020 List

Knitted Garments

– Patterns

– Vintage Patterns

Sewn Garments



  • Woodland Blanket


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