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YOP – year 9 – week 2

Last week you may remember that I had started a pair of socks while I was deciding what garment was the next one I wished to make…well I’m still deciding as I just didn’t get quite as much thinking time as I thought and I’ll tell you why towards the end of this post but I have made some progress on the socks.

I am working away on the rib of the first Victory sock and it will be off the needles later today, most likely tonight as I’ve a few things to do today. I like this pattern and how it looks and think the pale pink colour of the Eden Cottage Yarn sets it off nicely. It was a really quick knit, when I had time to work on it, it went quickly.

Victory socks.jpg

And that’s it, that’s all I worked on and for one main reason only and that is because I’ve returned to the work force. I left the work force to become a full time stay at home Mum when I was expecting my third child. Now I find with school that quite a large chunk of my time is free in the mornings so have been looking for something with part time hours that might still work for me. I eventually found something and started this week. It’s going good so far and I need to just juggle the hours now with school holidays and then school itself, find a new routine for everything and see how it all works together. It may or it may not work but we shall see. I was scheduled to be in three days this week and to be off from Friday to Tuesday but was called to see if I could cover some hours on Saturday which I did, I thought I was going to have the first sock finished and the second started but with extra hours on Saturday I ended up crafting only a little last night. So lots of adjustments happening right now. Today I’m off to town to run a few errands that need doing so it’s not going to be much of a relaxing Sunday although I may squeeze in a coffee and an hour with my book at some point!

So this coming week I’m going to be working on the second Victory sock and I’m going to hopefully decide what garment I’m going to knit next. I also need to figure out my sewing time and when that is going to work for me…lots of adjustments.

So that just leaves me with showing you the list, in it’s usual format of course.

Year of Projects 2019-2020 List

Knitted Garments

– Patterns

– Vintage Patterns

Sewn Garments



  • Woodland Blanket


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17 thoughts on “YOP – year 9 – week 2

  1. Your sock reminds me of my favourite school socks I had when I was younger. The colour is such a delicate pink it will go with anything. Congratulations on your new job, of course my mind immediately goes to having more money to buy wool 😂 I’m sure your routine will settle and you’ll have time for everything you enjoy.

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    1. Thank you Liz, the socks are such a delicate colour they will fit in perfectly with my wardrobe.
      A little time will sort out a routine but I’m hopefully to getting to everything I want to. I’m smiling at the more wool…I think perhaps it’s less wool I need looking at what I have on shelves here lol.

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  2. The sock is so pretty. Love the soft pink color. It goes well with the pattern. Very ‘girly”. Congrats on the job. I hope it works out for you and you enjoy it. It will take a bit of adjustment to get back into a routine which includes working away from home.

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    1. Thanks Marsha, it is very “girly” isn’t it lol.
      I’m hopeful the adjustment won’t be too hard but it does get some getting used to.


    1. I think Becki this Victory sock pattern may be my favourite of the lace options in the book. Thank you for the good look wishes, I’m sure it will all be fine.


  3. Oh well done and congratulations on the new job. I hope it continues to work well for you. The sock is so pretty, the yarn is just perfect.

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  4. I like how delicate the sock pattern is and the color is prefect for it. I imagine you’ll get much enjoyment out of them.
    And best of luck on returning to the work force, I hope that your routine falls into place quickly and that you have time to enjoy everything you want to do.

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  5. Congrats on the job! I can see why you didn’t have much time to “think” and make decisions. Yes, adjustments….life is like that….always changing. I can’t wait to see what garment you chose next and the yarn. The socks are so feminine and lovely. All of a sudden I am a pink girl. I never was but I am now…go figure? Have a great week!

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    1. Thanks Sam, am hoping to go with the flow of the adjustments and just find my groove. I’m going to have to remember now some weeks things are maybe not going to get done and that’s ok too…eekk.
      I never was pink girl either but it’s a colour that suits my complexion to wear tends to look good so I go with it now … go figure that is right.


  6. Oh Ruth! Many congratulations to you on the job. I am keeping my fingers crossed it will work out well for you and your family as I am sure the extra income is nice what with your growing up family–children are just plain expensive. I went back to the work force when my #4 was in 4th grade–around 9 years old– I had not worked, even part time for at least 15 years and to be honest never held a full time job after I got married. Going back to work was an adjustment, (we had the extra adjustment of going to school as I had been homeschooling for years)–but it did sort out and me working became the new normal! It does cut in to the fiber time though!

    I can’t gush about that pink sock enough—is is the perfect pattern with the perfect yarn.
    I also want to thank you for your kind encouraging comments on my blog and on instagram–I appreciate your support. 🙂


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    1. Thank you Kim for the encouraging words also and it’s good to know that it does work out. Like you I’ve not worked in the past 16 years so it’s quite the adjustment and I’m just glad it’s the summer holidays so we can adjust slowly. My youngest is a little younger than yours at just 6 nearly 7 but like you say hopefully me working will become the new normal.
      I really love this particular Victory pattern from the book, it’s my favourite of all the lace patterns in the book and I might re-visit it.
      I meant to say books by your favourite designers are another great way of not purchasing them on Ravelry.

      You are so very welcome, I just thought I’d offer my perspective as someone who wasn’t into exercise or anything of the sort and to say it’s really amazing how quickly you can get into it, enjoy it and look forward to it.


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