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YOP – year 9 – week 2

Last week you may remember that I had started a pair of socks while I was deciding what garment was the next one I wished to make…well I’m still deciding as I just didn’t get quite as much thinking time as I thought and I’ll tell you why towards the end of this post but I have made some progress on the socks.

I am working away on the rib of the first Victory sock and it will be off the needles later today, most likely tonight as I’ve a few things to do today. I like this pattern and how it looks and think the pale pink colour of the Eden Cottage Yarn sets it off nicely. It was a really quick knit, when I had time to work on it, it went quickly.

Victory socks.jpg

And that’s it, that’s all I worked on and for one main reason only and that is because I’ve returned to the work force. I left the work force to become a full time stay at home Mum when I was expecting my third child. Now I find with school that quite a large chunk of my time is free in the mornings so have been looking for something with part time hours that might still work for me. I eventually found something and started this week. It’s going good so far and I need to just juggle the hours now with school holidays and then school itself, find a new routine for everything and see how it all works together. It may or it may not work but we shall see. I was scheduled to be in three days this week and to be off from Friday to Tuesday but was called to see if I could cover some hours on Saturday which I did, I thought I was going to have the first sock finished and the second started but with extra hours on Saturday I ended up crafting only a little last night. So lots of adjustments happening right now. Today I’m off to town to run a few errands that need doing so it’s not going to be much of a relaxing Sunday although I may squeeze in a coffee and an hour with my book at some point!

So this coming week I’m going to be working on the second Victory sock and I’m going to hopefully decide what garment I’m going to knit next. I also need to figure out my sewing time and when that is going to work for me…lots of adjustments.

So that just leaves me with showing you the list, in it’s usual format of course.

Year of Projects 2019-2020 List

Knitted Garments

– Patterns

– Vintage Patterns

Sewn Garments



  • Woodland Blanket


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