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YOP – year 8 – wrap up

It really doesn’t feel quite like a year since we started year 8 of the Year of Projects, a group on Ravelry here for crafters and makers to combine there hobbies along with a love of blogging. Year of Projects is something I’ve participated in from the beginning and I did debate whether I would or not join in for this the 8th year with all that was going on in my life this time last year. I was a couple of weeks late into starting but I’m really glad I did, it was one of the two best things I decided to do.

I began with two main focus points for the year in my list.

The first focus point was around my desire and personal challenge to create a me made wardrobe. This I was aiming to achieve through both knitted and sewn garments. On this front generally I’m pleased with what I accomplished. My knitted garments section on my list was a success. The sewn garments wasn’t as much of a success in that not as much got crossed off, but what I discovered along the way has helped form where I want to go with my sewn garments more, so in this respect I’ve learnt and grown and it’s hard to call that a failure.

On the knitted garment list I had a total of 9 garments and 8 were completed, you’ll see from the last picture that the 9th garment is on the button bands and within the next couple of days should be complete. Here’s a look through them all. I love the green Bentley garment for style (top row right) but love the fit of my Colouring (middle row centre) and Cumulus (middle row left) has to be my favourite garment make of the entire YOP year. The garment I’m least pleased with is the Fintry (top row left) and this you might remember is the one I reworked the neckline at the time, well a year on and I’m still not in love with that garment. The other garments I’ve just not had a chance to wear them as much to decide how much or little I like them. All the things I’ve learnt from each of these garments I hope to bring on into next years makes and most of the time I’m making my own modifications within the garments anyway, which is something you’ll see lots of next year.


On the sewn garments section of this list there were 18 different items. 6 of which were made, the Cuff Top I made two versions of, as well as the Margot Pyjamas. As I said my ideas on what I wanted to sew changed and are now more in line with what I like and want from my knitted garments, a more fitted style. This made some of the items on the sewn list unsuitable, so it’s likely a good thing that they didn’t get made. Here is a look at some of the items that were made. I love the Cuff Tops and of all the things I made these get worn the most, in part because I graded them to fit me just how I’ve discovered I like my garments fitting. The Margot Pyjamas no longer fit due to weight loss, which is a shame as they were really comfy and the Hollyburn skirt is my least favourite make but only because I don’t like that style and I should have thought about that aspect of garment making more in this past year but again is something that will hopefully be put into upcoming garments.


The only other section on my YOP list was a sock section and the aim here was to complete 6 pairs of socks over the year. These were not a main focus of the list but did provide an interesting break in the bigger projects. I completed 7 pairs of socks for myself and one each for Evelyn and Elizabeth. Along the way I also frogged 3 pairs of socks where the project just wasn’t enjoyable. Here is a look at the socks that were completed.


The second point of focus for my YOP list was to get back to enjoying each project fully from beginning to end. I started off the year working on one knitted and one sewn garment at a time and this was working but soon after the start of this YOP year I switched to working monogamously on one project solely at a time. This was the second best decision I made for me personally. This allowed me focus on just the project on hand and while working solely on it I found I was enjoying each project more, right from the planning to the finished item. I also found I was a lot more productive, not that I knit faster but more that I was just focusing fully on the project until complete. Going forward I’m going to continue this approach for as long as this works for me.

That brings this whole YOP year 8 post to a wrap. It was an enjoyable year as always participating with all the other YOPers and I look forward to Year 9, which will begin with the opening post and list next week.

If you would like to join in or read about other YOP participants, you can find the YOP group and weekly posts HERE