Vintage Knitting Adventures

The Beginning.

Recently I’ve been obsessed with vintage sewing and looking at sewing vlogs that aim at vintage sewers. It’s just so fascinating and I love a great many of the looks. Looks that may not necessarily fit with my everyday look and style but I’m learning so much about drafting and fitting and we all know how much I love fitted items regardless of era.        As I’m only a beginner sewer and I feel many of these pieces are beyond my abilities as a sewer at the moment, plus I’m still unsure what pieces are actually my favourite, it did turn my attention to vintage knitting.

Knitting is a medium I’m much more comfortable in and if anywhere is a good place to start it’s at least with a medium that is familiar. So a little happy research over several cups of coffee and a rabbit hole appeared of patterns, styles and looks. A shiny new Pinterest board and a lot of favourited links and I now find myself at the start of something new and intriguing.

Vintage Knitting

I found myself taken with this Bear Cub Twins Cardigan Pattern and I began to wonder how easy or difficult it might be to follow a vintage knitting pattern. This pattern is from the late 1930s and I fell in love with the cropped cabled look. So I looked it over and thought about it and then thought about it some more and looked it over again and this went on for several days and figured the only way to find out if I could do it was to…yes..actually just do it. I thought it might be nice to document the journey here so there is a record and notes of it, perhaps this might be something you’d be interested in reading also???

So first things first it’s going to be a matter of gathering supplies. I have the pattern and I definitely have the needles and yarn. I am debating whether I should forego the use of my circular needles and use my straight needles. I think the use of straight needles will be a little more in keeping with when the piece would have been originally knitted but I’ll let you know what I decide in the next update, but do let me know your thoughts. Secondly apart from just the directions and following those there is the issue of sizing. The pattern is for one size, which is not my size, not even the size I hope to be at the end of my weight loss journey. So before I start actually knitting this is going to require my notebook, a swatch, and whatever knitting experience I may have accumulated.

I’m kind of hoping that knitting experience is going to help with the whole process and for the first time in at least the last 12 months all of my creative self is intrigued and excited.

10 thoughts on “Vintage Knitting Adventures

  1. What a lovely pattern and rather follows on from the conversation we were having the other day. I imagine you will learn a lot. I can remember my mother explaining how she worked with such a pattern. She was very petite and her sisters were bigger ,but she was excellent at maths so she would write out everyone’s measurements and guage details and work out sizing from there. Now,the important stuff – what yarn and what colour?

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    1. Yes it does Nicola follow on from our conversation doesn’t it! I love that even when it feels like my crafting has no direction it has all by itself. Now the math and the gauge I feel more confident about….the yarn and the colour well now that’s going to be another matter and one that is taking more time and thought.


  2. That is a great pattern. I have found that there is often a lot left out of these patterns. Because of the fact that everyone knit or crocheted or sewed. It was mandatory learning in school. My advice– Math, measurements and that terrible S word, SWATCH a lot. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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    1. I love that knitting, crocheting and sewing was mandatory back then, I wish it were more so now as the benefits to it are big, but that’s a thought for another day. Gauge swatching is not a terrible word here, having worked as a designer all my designs worked from those but it’s those lovely instructions that leave so much out because they expected the knitter coming with a certain amount of knowledge and experience. I think I have enough knowledge and experience but we shall see and that is the exciting part! Thank you for joining me on this adventure, this is going to be fun!

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  3. Oh Ruth, this sounds so exciting! The trouble is, as with so many things you do, I feel compelled to do the same! I must not look on Pinterest – I will be strong! I will force myself to live vicariously through your posts, so yes I would love to come on this adventure with you, it sounds brilliant! This pattern looks lovely, I really look forward to seeing what you come up with.

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    1. Thank you Lucy for joining me on this adventure, it’s going to be fun chatting to you about it as I go along. I am genuinely excited about it. I will just say that Pinterest is such a rabbit hole it is really hard to avoid it but then such a great tool when you start things like this!

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