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Project In Progress – Crochet Blanket

Today’s project in progress post is a crochet blanket that has been in progress for some time. Blankets are currently the only long standing projects I have still in progress as the time taken to complete them is so much longer than even a garment so I tend to work on them when the desire to do so hits. This means they are in progress for some time. Currently I have three blankets that are in progress, two are crochet and one is knit. Crochet is my preferred way to make blankets and that is why perhaps having them as long standing projects in progress doesn’t bother me.

This blanket, pictured below is my longest standing one. It is a ripple crochet blanket, the pattern for which came from the Attic 24 blog here. When I start to make a blanket I tend to look at her blog for patterns and ideas. I’m using a 4mm crochet hook and some DK weight yarn.

Crochet Blanket 3

For all my blankets I use an acrylic yarn, Stylecraft DK is my favourite and is what is used in the majority of Lucy’s blankets on Attic 24 but for this one I chose four colours of a just an acrylic blend. The yarn is soft and I’ve no issues with the yarn and think it will make a serviceable and well wearing blanket, which is what I want from all my blankets. They get used daily, by all the family through out the year and I don’t want any of them to be precious blankets, I want them to be used, loved and enjoyed.

Crochet Blanket 1

My issues with the blanket and why it’s been put away and not worked on in quite some time is one of two issues. It is either the pattern or the colour placement I’ve used. I am leaning a lot more to the colour placement but either way this project is now firmly in the I no longer wish to work on it camp.

Crochet Blanket 2

I’ve had a think what I can do to change this project so it becomes something I want to work on and finish. Ok, so I like the stripped parts before both larger chunks of the dark green stripes. I think my main issue is with those dark green wider stripes. The blanket is folded and this is a quarter of it’s width so likely big enough for at least a double bed, I can’t remember correctly as I started it some time ago but judging from the size that’s what I think. The size I’m happy with and with eight balls of the light green yarn (2400 meters) and four balls of the dark green, cream and grey (1200 meters), I don’t think running out of yarn is an issue. I’m relatively happy enough with the pattern, it’s easy and mindless but I do wonder if there is some other pattern that might work better with the colours?

The options I have are

  1. Continue on and let the blanket develop as set out already.
  2. Frog this back to take out the wider dark green stripes and then continue on with the ripple but minus the wider dark green stripes.
  3. Frog the blanket completely and begin again with another pattern…but what? Corner to corner?….granny squares?…or something else???

I’d love to hear your thoughts and or suggestions as I’m stuck with the is project and where it is at the moment. Perhaps you have a different option? Maybe you have a different pattern suggestion that you can see working with these four colours? Are the four colours enough or is another colour needed?

At this stage I’m questioning everything to do with this project…