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YOP – year 8 – week 17

I’ve worked most of this week on the Bentley cardigan. I’ve completed the yoke increases and have split for the sleeves. Now I’m just working on the body of the cardigan. To this point, it’s been a really enjoyable knit, the pattern on the front is interesting and pretty and I like the texture it’s adding. With the plain stockinette sleeves and back, I think it will make a lovely cardigan when complete.


I also couldn’t help myself yesterday and cast on the Cumulus sweater. I’m working away on the yoke increases on this and I’m probably going to work on this today. Perhaps I will continue to work on the Cumulus on weekends and the Bentley during the week, we shall see.


I made no progress on the pair of socks, so no update there. I’ve not started or finished any sewing projects this week, I’m a couple of weeks into a new course to retrain and update my skills. It is run in the mornings and I’ve found over the last few weeks that I’m not left with much extra free time, any free time I’ve filled with either reading or knitting when the mood strikes. As some modules end in a couple of weeks I think perhaps then I’ll have time to return to my sewing.

The list is now looking like this;

Year of Projects 2018-2019 List

Knitted Garments

Sewn Garments


6 pairs

  • My Dearest Loveliest Elizabeth – started July 16th – FROGGED
  • Sock #1 – started August 10th – finished 26th August
  • Sock #2 – started August 30th – finished 30th September
  • Sock #3 – started October 11th – 

You can follow along with my knitted YOP 8 projects HERE

You can find the YOP group and weekly posts HERE


4 thoughts on “YOP – year 8 – week 17

  1. Your Bentley is so pretty. That color is wonderful and will be perfect to brighten a cold dreary winter day. So happy to see Cumulus as been cast on. Such a lovely fiber.

    Sewing classes sound like fun. I am sure you will learn so much from them.


  2. Both of your sweaters are going to be gorgeous. Hope your classes go well, and I’m sure you wil be back to it soon enough.


  3. Love that Bentley and the color! I really like the pattern on the front whatever it is….looks like a basket weave of some sort and very pretty. The cumulus does look like a cloud with that yarn but it made my nose tickle just looking at it, lol! It will be lovely.

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  4. Don’t put any pressure on yourself, you got so much done already, and besides, it’s a hobby, not a race. I love all of your projects, and you take such lovely photos of them all.

    Liked by 1 person

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