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YOP – year 8 – week 7

This week I have a mixture of finishes, swatches, new starts as well as a few changes.

Firstly let’s look at the finishes.

Fintry 1

My Fintry cardigan is finished. Well it’s bound off and blocked but the neckline is far too wide for my liking and with some yarn left over I’m heavily leaning towards doing some math and adding two inches more to the neckline…yes 2 inches! This cardigan was already heavily modified to my gauge and it fits like a dream, everywhere else to the exact measurements of my size in the pattern. This is something I was really pleased with, and I did at the start, brush over the fact the neckline seemed a little low, thinking perhaps it would be ok, but it’s just not. Even for the few moments I was wearing it to see the fit after blocking, it constantly felt like it was going to fall off my shoulders, and this just won’t do in a garment I’m hoping to wear throughout most of the Winter. This garment is turning into far more work that what I’d originally wanted in just picking a garment and knitting, I may as well have designed and knit my own. The buttons for this have been dispatched and should arrive this week, I now just need to summon the desire to work the math out and make the changes I need to turn this into a more useable garment.

PJs 1PJs 3

Second and third finish for the week are my daughters and mine Margot pyjamas. These turned out wonderfully well and I’m really pleased with them, as is Caoimhe. I will be writing up a Project Focus post this week to speak in more detail about them, so stay tuned for that.


With the Fintry cardigan cast off, I finally got the opportunity to swatch for my next garment. After much thought I opted for the Lichen by NCL knits for a couple of reasons. One, while this yarn is speckled, I don’t think it will detract from the cabling details down the raglan increases and sides. What’s more likely to affect how those look is my gauge. Two, after finishing the Fintry, I really just wanted to knit a garment, and I wanted a garment that I knew was going to be a good fit and with good instructions. Having knit the Herbarium by NCL I knew that the Lichen over the No Frills Sweater was probably the best option. Just like with the Herbarium, my gauge is off, and I went up two needle sizes, but I was still off with my gauge and not wanting to go up another needle size I’ve worked a little math and if I knit the size down from my size with my gauge I should end up with the size and garment I want. I will see as I’m working the garment how the cables look at this gauge and needle size and then make the final decision. I started this last night but don’t have enough to warrant showing you a picture yet.

Socks 1

The pair of socks I had cast on were frogged and the yarn put away, you can read about why that happened HERE. I then cast on this sock on Friday night and what a difference! The colour of these just soothes, and with no patterning for the moment decided, they are a relaxing knit. I’m using the ball of Mondim yarn I got from Retrosaria. It’s 100% Portuguese Wool, so these will be my first pair of natural wool socks with no nylon, and I’m looking forward to seeing how they hold up. I may make these shorter in the leg than usual so I can wear them inside my ankle boots. In fact I need a few more pairs that size for that purpose so the next few pairs may just be that size. As for patterning, I have not decided and may not decide until the heel flap and gusset has been worked.

I have not made up my mind what my next sewing project will be. The weather is getting a little cooler, and I’m aware that while we might still get some warm sunny days, we are heading in towards Autumn and Winter, and my wardrobe needs some garments for the coming season. I have a couple of fabrics washed, and pressed so can pick something from those, so we shall see what happens there.

yarn stash 1

I got some yarn delivered this week for the Cumulus Blouse that I really want to knit. I have even debated casting on a second garment, but I’ve decided I still just want to work on one garment at a time, and with a pair of socks also on the needles, that is enough projects for me right now. But I’m pretty sure this will be my next cast on!

I’ve tweaked my list a little this week. I’ve removed the Braid Hills cardigan by Kate Davies. Having knit the Fintry and looked very closely at the neckline of the Braid Hills, I fear it may be similar to the Fintry, so for that reason, I have removed it and added in the Cumulus Blouse, which you all know I really want to knit. Other than that I’ve just done some admin work in crossing off completed items, which is very satisfying, and updated with dates. The list now looks like this.

Year of Projects 2018-2019 List

Knitted Garments

Sewn Garments


6 pairs

  • My Dearest Loveliest Elizabethstarted July 16th – FROGGED
  • Sock #1started Aug 10th

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