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YOP – year 8 – week 6

Progress on YOP projects this week has been at a much slower pace. The week started out on Monday with a sewing day in which I finished both the Simple Summer Dress and the A-Line skirt.

I had a Project Focus post then during the week where I took a look at the Summer Dress in more detail, you can read that HERE.

Simple Summer Dress 1

A Project Focus post will happen this week for the A-Line skirt.

A-Line Skirt 1

I’ve only been working on and off on Fintry this week because a) I was painting the hallway after the new floor had been laid, and b) I was reading, and reading quite a lot. I am half way through working through the yoke decreases, then it is just a matter of working the neckline edge and I’m ready to bind off and sew in ends.


I had a little stash enhancement this week with some Retrosaria yarn from Portugal, it’s the Mondim, 100% 4ply sock wool, and it feels a lot softer than I thought it would. The top two balls are definitely going to be socks, but those bottom three colours I can’t help thinking would be perfect for garments, and I may purchase some extra balls for that purpose.

Yarn Stash

This weekend is a long weekend with us so we have a few family things planned and my eldest turns 18 on Wednesday! I’m getting it quite hard to believe that from the talkative, curious boy, he’s now grown into a fine young man in what seems like only the blink of an eye. My Mum was ever so proud of James, and he had and has a lot of life changing events happen this year, and it seems wrong in so many ways that he doesn’t get to share those with her. But I’m sure she’s watching over him and is as proud of his as ever, just as we are. (now how did I get to having an 18 year old!!!)

James and Mammy

The list, this week, looks like this;

Year of Projects 2018-2019 List

Knitted Garments

Sewn Garments


6 pairs

  • My Dearest Loveliest Elizabeth – started July 16th

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