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Project Focus – Simple Summer Dress

My project focus this week is on my finished Simple Summer Dress.

Simple Summer Dress 1

This was a dress I made in a local sewing class that I had signed up to take part in. It was an all day class that I attended and it was delightful to spend the whole day sewing uninterrupted. The fact that the class was only 5 mins drive away was just the icing on the cake as most of the time these things are a considerable distance away to make them impractical to attend.

The class was attended by two other students and we were all making the same dress. I started by tracking out the pattern to the size I needed and chose a soft cotton denim fabric. I also decided to add facings to my dress to avoid the need to add binding to the armholes on my dress. This was a particular skill I wanted to learn as part of this class for some future sewing makes I’d planned.

Simple Summer

After tracing and cutting out the fabric and applying some interfacing to the facings I turned my attention to the pockets for the front of the dress. We had the pick of fabrics from the stash in the class room and this was quite considerable. I settled on this simple flowered fabric on a cream background. I loved the look of the fabric which was just a simple cotton but I liked the contrast it had with the dress. Adding pockets the pockets was a simple straight forward task and once attached it became the turn of adding the facings. This was the part I was unsure of the most and so paid particular attention to the steps involved so when necessary I can follow the steps again. When broken down and talked through I had no problems or issues in completing attaching the facings. After this came the side seams and at this point the class was over but with only some seams and the hem left I felt confident that this was project I could complete in my own time.

A day later I did indeed do just that and after trying it on and liking the fit everywhere except around the armholes I decided to add in a couple of darts. To this point I’ve not inserted any darts into a project but I do have instructions in a sewing book and following those I managed to insert the darts and now I’m much happier with the overall fit of the dress.

Simple Summer Dress

This entire project was so pleasing to make and the new skills learned just add to my growing skill set of sewing can dos. To take the day to just enjoy the whole process and not rush through the parts was invaluable and meant the class provided everything I wanted.

It’s not just about the end piece which I can’t wait to wear but it’s also about taking the time and enjoying the process of putting this dress together. This dress will carry me through the remainder of the summer as simple shift dress but it will also become part of my Autumn wardrobe with some heavy tights, boots and one of my knitted cardigans. I may even make this again in a heavier fabric, and by doing so this one pattern can become a year round pattern that I can enjoy in my hand made wardrobe.


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